How Many Glasses Of Wine To Get Drunk In Real

We all know how wine goes well with food. Whether it is meat or fish, a wine goes well with it. Wine not only enhances the taste but becomes an accompaniment to meals. Therefore, it is hard for many to resist one more glass.

However, one must know how many glasses can get them drunk, like really drunk. Apart from the safety concerns, one must maintain how much they are drinking for health concerns. The straight answer to “how many glasses can get you drunk?” is that it depends on your bilogical sex, ethinicy of the person and your drinking experience. These various factors will decide that how much you wine you can have to be in drunk state.  

Normally the standard serving of wine is five ounces. Five ounces of alcohol contains about 12% alcohol. Although there are many different types of wine, not all glasses have the same alcohol content. For example, white wine normally has higher alcohol content. Therefore, the single-serving food should be smaller.

On the other hand, if you drink wine with low alcohol, you may drink more than a glass to get drunk. So, the answer is “it varies.” The food you eat and the alcohol content of the wine will determine how many cups you will need to get drunk.

Different Wines And their Alcohol Content

Wines with the lowest ABV level will be from a cooler climate where the grapes struggle to ripen. Germany and Austria have labeling conventions that tell the consumer about the ripeness and the alcohol content. There are also low-alcohol sparkling wines from the northern part of Italy.

There are Rieslings from Germany. It is a delicate off-dry riesling of the Mosel in Germany. It often has alcohol content in the high single digits. Moreover, one may choose Kabinett if they want to have lower alcohol content.

number of wine glaases to dunk

Grüner Veltliner from Austria is also a wine that has high alcohol content. Finally, one may go for Steinfeder. This has less than 11.5% alcohol.

Sparkling wines that come from Italy also have lower alcohol content. You may go for wines like Moscato d’Asti and Brachetto d’Acqui. These have less than 7% alcohol in them with bubbles and some sweetness.

Some of the wines with a moderate alcohol content that ranges from 11-13% alcohol content come from moderate climates. For example, white wines from New Zealand have moderate alcohol content. Such wines are Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and Pinot Gris.

Countless French white wines, including Cabernet Franc, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc from the Loire, Gamay, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir from Burgundy, have an alcohol content of 13%.

What Affects Your Intoxication

  • Biological Sex And The Composition Of The Body:

One of the major examples of this is “nature over nurture.” Females tend to be smaller in build compared to their male counterparts. Moreover, they have more fat content. Fat is very important because alcohol doesn’t mix well with it when the body starts metabolizing the alcohol. Normally the higher the fat is, the fewer water-soluble spaces it will have to go to.

However, lean muscles can assist you more. Normally the muscles are rich with water. The alcohol can easily be diluted in the water content of your muscles. It also goes the same as the height, with more alcohol to dilute itself.

  • Ethnicity of the person:

Do you know why Asian people turn red while drinking? Because of their acetaldehyde dehydrogenase. It is a gene that induces Asian flush and accelerates heart rate upon alcohol consumption. Moreover, even if it isn’t much, it may affect you.

It is seen that the people of Asia and those belonging to the native American ethnicity metabolize the alcohol much slower. Therefore, the alcohol stays in their bodies longer, corroborating that this lowers their tolerance.

  • Empty stomach:

While the previous two factors are things that you have to control over or say in it, this is something you can control or have a say in. For example, drinking wine, or any alcohol for that matter, on an empty stomach, will lessen the water content in your body. This will lead to a higher alcohol concentration for the body to process.

Not drinking or eating anything will get you drunk very fast. However, you have to be assured that nutritious fat and protein could enhance your alcohol tolerance. These will assist you in delaying alcohol absorption. Moreover, it will protect your body from the harmful effects of alcohol as well.

  • Your health as well:

Your health also creates an impact on how you tolerate alcohol consumption. Normally alcohol registers as poison to our bodies; when the body has been busy fighting off a cold, it will not be able to process the alcohol quickly.

Even if you lack sleep, that could affect your tolerance level to alcohol. We all know how sleep deprivation affects our impairment. If you add more alcohol to the mix, it will worsen the chances of getting up. Moreover, if you are on medication, that would also impact your body.

  • How much drinking experience do you have:

Biology has a lot to do with your drinking habits and tolerance level. Drinking alcohol will heighten the tolerance level despite your genetic inheritance. It is like learning something very basic. It is very difficult; however, it is easier once you get more exposure.

Your body gets used to drinking alcohol and will ultimately process it way quicker than you know. Another danger of this is alcohol abuse. So, you must practice without getting caught in the storm. Although wine has good health benefits, you must know the limits.

How to Drink More wine Without Getting Drunk

  • You just eat and hydrate yourself:

Making sure that you eat enough food is another thing you have to do to drink more wine. Take food high in protein and fat so that it increases your tolerance. It will line your stomach and absorb a lot of the alcohol you will consume. Moreover, drinking a lot of water will also assist in diluting the alcohol in wine. Our tip to you is to hydrate yourself before you drink the wine. After taking another glass, you need to sip on water. This will help you stay sober longer.

  • You just pace yourself:

Rather than finishing the glass very quickly, you must take sips of the wine. If you do not sip the wine and keep drinking like that, you will get drunk faster. So, ensure that you drink one glass per hour. Moreover, drink water before you help yourself to your next serving of wine. Although we are not saying that you will not get drunk, you will stay sober for a longer time.

how much wine to feel drunk

  • Step out for fresh air in between the drinks:

Stepping out for some fresh air will keep you “not drunk.” When we tend to drink alcohol, our bodies start warming up. What we do is sweat out all the liquids in our bodies. Because of this, every sip of wine that you take will concentrate on your stomach.

  • Drink sensibly:

Another last tip that we will share with you before parting ways is to drink sensibly and responsibly. Choose a lower ABV wine. It will keep you sober for a long time. Moreover, when you notice the buzz hitting you, just drink the water. Now that you are prepared go (or don’t) crazy.

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