What Is Kiwi Wine and Recepie To make It on Home

We are all familiar with kiwi fruit. It is a tasty fruit that is highly rich in antioxidants. However, the best part of consuming the kiwi is that it is much softer and easier to juice than our good ol’ juice.

Wine made by the kiwi fruit, cider, sugar, enzyme and other elements called as Kiwi wine and lots of people love it’s flavour and aroma. Kiwi wine has a nice balance of aroma that mingles between the connotation of pineapple and watermelon. In addition, the flavor profile of the fruit balances itself between tartness and acidity. Therefore, it is comparatively less prone to mold or spoilage during fermentation.

Because of the flavor profile, one can make a great cider or white wine alcohol using it. One, however, has to go through certain procedures to make the kiwi wine. One has first to source the kiwi to make the kiwi wine. After that, one may either follow a scientific approach or the approach of any procedures that one uses in the house.

Sourcing Of Kiwi For Kiwi Wine

Kiwi tends to be relatively cheap in most grocery stores and supermarkets as well. However, due to the rawness and the composition of the fruits, many choose to ripen them at home. However, this is not a problem. However, one has to do the planning to turn it into a glass of wine.

kiwi wine

First, you need to use the ripe kiwi fruit. If you don’t have it ripe, you just ripen it in your home. This isn’t the stage where you have to get them mushy. If you are buying a hard, unripe kiwi, you must ripen it at home. Then, you can let them get to where they are at their ripest. After that, you have to peel them and freeze them as well.

Once you freeze them, it will prevent them from spoiling all at once. Therefore, you can keep it aside without worrying about the duration of this stage. By following this method, you can manage a lot of kiwi fruit ripening at different rates. Once you do it, collect them ready to make the kiwi wine without getting it bad.

Kiwi Wine Recipe

The first step towards getting your kiwi wine done starts by getting it sourced. The key to getting the right kiwi is by making sure that they are on the verge of going “bad.” It has to be too ripe to taste acidic, but not too ripe that it has gone bad. Once you source the right kiwis, you must follow the below procedure.

  • Equipment

You need a fermenter with an airlock, a brew bag, or a mesh cloth bag so that you can filter and juice the kiwis—a siphon.

  • Ingredients

You need,

  1. 4 kg kiwi fruit
  2. 2.5 kg sugar
  3. 4 gm pectin enzyme
  4. 1 gm Campden
  5. 5 gm cider or sparkling wine years

kiwi wine recepie


  1. You must use ripened fruit with a higher concentration of aroma and taste. The riper the fruits are, the better taste they will have. However, keep in mind that it has not gotten worse. Juice the ripened kiwi fruits.
  2. If you notice that the fruit has started going bad, you must boil the juice extracted from them.
  3. The first step includes you chopping the kiwi fruit. If it is frozen, then let it defrost first. Then you must chop them and juice them.
  4. Put the chopped kiwi fruits in the brew bag. First, you must add pectin and Campden powder to it. Then keep it covered overnight.
  5. Let the sugar dissolve in the warm water. Now, add fruit, yeast nutrient, and wine yeast to it. We advise you to keep the fruit inside the brew bag to separate the pulp from the juice.
  6. Pour the mixture into the fermenter; if possible, you can also pour the mixture into the airlock. However, you must wait until 70% of the fermentation is over.
  7. On day 4, you must take out the fruit bag. Squeeze the juice from it.
  8. Use the siphon to transfer the wine to another container without exposing it to oxygen.

You need to keep it at least for seven days to over the fermentation. At this point, you can add spices and other elements to influence the taste.

How To Make Kiwi Wine At Home

Making kiwi wine is easier when you do it at home. Moreover, you can add flavors as well to influence the taste. You also need to override the kiwi fruit of any variety to make this wine. Ensure that there is no bad kiwi in there, as you may risk ruining it. To make it, you need,

  • 2 kg Kiwi
  • 4-liter water
  • 25 kg sugar
  • Wine yeast of wine ferments from the raisin

Put all the kiwis in the plastic bag and leave it in the freezer for at least half a day. After you defrost them, you must peel the kiwis and ground them using your hands without crushing the seeds. Seeds have to go as it may turn the wine bitter. Put the pulp into the fermentation container. Now, add all the water and half the sugar in it. Add wine yeast as well. You need to stir it until it is smooth. Leave it for three days at 18 to 28° C.

make kiwi wine from home

You need to stir the wine every eight to ten hours. After that, you must filter the fermented juice through a cheesecloth. Now add one-third of the remaining sugar and stir. Keep it again and sieve it again. On the 8th day, you need to add the remaining sugar. Keep it airlock for a few days before using it.

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